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The base-price for a custom guitar including a hardcase starts at 3900 CHF (Swiss francs)

Individual or exclusive adaptations are possible on request

Standard features:

Swiss Spruce, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar

Back & Sides: 
Walnut, Maple, Cherry and more
Maple, Walnut, Mahogany

Swiss Sonowood, Robinia, Ebony, Rocklite

Nut & Saddle:





Your "La Réselle” Guitar is handmade and unique, built with passion and love in my workshop in the Swiss Countryside.

All woods and other materials have been hand selected and carefully processed.


With the necessary care and love, your La Réselle Guitar should last a lifetime. Here are some tips for the preservation of your new instrument:


We produce our guitars at a relative humidity of 40% - 50% and a temperature of 19-23°C. The use of a humidifier especially in winter is highly recommended. If the humidity is too high, the wood expands, resulting in an action that is too high and unplayable. If the humidity is too low, the action can drop down too low, causing string buzz on the frets or in the worst case scenario the wood can crack. A case or a Gig bag can help to protect the guitar from these occurring.


Do not leave your instrument in direct sunlight or near a heater. Avoid leaving your instrument in a car in warm or cold weather.


It is recommended to clean the surface with a dry or slightly damp cotton cloth. Do not use detergents or polishes as they may damage the nitrocellulose finish.


For the guitar to be under our warranty, the above guidelines must be adhered to.





The buyer, of a new La Réselle Guitar, receives a manufacturer warranty of two years from date of purchase.

Any modifications or repairs not authorized by La Réselle Guitars will void the warranty.

La Réselle Guitars  is not responsible for costs resulting from the defect of an instrument.


The manufacturer's warranty excludes the following:

• Wear of strings, frets, saddle and nut

• Damage from external influences

• Damage due to high / low humidity or temperature


For any warranty claims or enquiries please contact: info(at)

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